When a client approaches us with a view to placing a commission, after the initial discussion regarding the purpose for the piece, any needs of the client (purpose, size, etc.), timbers. We start to prepare working drawings. In general, we have found that pieces that start as a set of CAD or pen and paper layouts finish in an unsatisfactory way, although saying that, we will produce such drawings if requested. we may prepare full scale layouts of areas to overcome a technical issue, though we prefer to work from sketches and allow the piece to evolve and grow from the material rather than forcing the material to conform to a rigid idea.



Although not exclusively so, many of the timbers we use are sourced locally. Gardens are a wonderful resource for unusual and attractive timbers from ornamental or fruiting trees.  The yew in the above picture came from the client’s own garden whilst the oak for the carcassing originally grew on a local farm.  Any overseas sourced timber should have come from a sustainable forest.  Trees are too valuable to the planet to be felled irresponsibly.



The finishes we use are traditional.  Oil, wax, natural shellac or French polish.  On a personal note, we do not feel that modern synthetic finishes sit well on a natural material such as wood.